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Throughout my time in the IB I have been focusing on my eight artworks that involved different mediums such as ink, colored pencil, graphite, and paint. The goals for my artwork were meant to show how I want to make others feel, for most of my pieces. For example, The Kruppa series I wanted the initial thought to make others feel fearful and uneasy. My aim was to express horror and storytelling in my artworks. Although a goal showing how I want my artworks to make people feel emotions I also have a goal of becoming an Illustrator in the future, so these artworks were me practicing how to be an Illustrator on the way. I have always loved writing and drawing and decided to combine the two in my artworks for this exhibition.

Themes of mine in my artworks are fear and joy. Although I mostly like showing fear more there’s always time for showing a brightful side in my artworks. Before creating each character, I obviously looked at inspiration to help me with creating the design for each character I have created. First off for my story IT Is Watching You the movie called Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children gave me the most inspiration since it is my favorite movie. The monster in the film looks very similar to mine but I wanted it to look more like my style. So, with the inspiration in mind I created the ‘IT is watching you’ creature by using the same body structure, no eyes, and large face features. Making this character made me very excited to create an art piece which only took me 2 weeks to complete. My biggest artwork series called The Kruppa did not have much inspiration to begin with but I created the characters and the story just from my imagination. I decided to make this story because I was struggling to figure out why I liked drawing horror so much. So, when I wrote down why I like making myself and others feel feared from my art, I created the The Kruppa story. It was my first big series with a written story behind it and a meaning within it. However, for all my artworks I did research body figures and references of animals and fruits.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always used graphite in every sketchbook I have owned. I always stuck with the tools I was most comfortable with. But when being a beginner at illustration I tried different ways to show my skills by using pens, and different ways of showing color. Such as using acrylic and colored pencils. I was not used to using these materials since I do not use them often, but the artwork shows the different techniques I have used while using different materials for each artwork series. The technique used for The Kruppa series was using a blending stump and different sizes of graphite pencils. I did not know how to use a blending stump at first but started getting comfortable with it since it really helped smooth out the graphite and made it easier to blend all my hatch marking together. Even though using graphite is my strongest skill I like to use black pens to smooth out any details and to make my artworks bolder. In my artworks Chaos and Order, The School with Powers, and IT is Watching You, they all had black pen used in them to sharpen the detail. IT is Watching You also has lots of shadows and no color because I wanted it to be less cheerless, so I used different shades of grey with copic marker pens. Overall, I think my penmanship has improved during the making of these art pieces.

In my current work I am writing out new stories that have both themes of fear and joy, like I mentioned before. I like creating stories in my head and think that if they are good enough, I would write the storyline down before creating the characters. Or I would create a character and write a life story about them and put them in a story that I have not yet made. What I’m trying to explore now in my art is extending my experience with illustration. Since I want to study it in university, I’m focusing on how I can expand my skills during the short time I have before going to study. Throughout all my artworks in this exhibition I have challenged myself with the use of different materials and making up different storylines with characters.

My art conveys emotions behind each art piece I have created because they all have different meanings to them with their own stories and personalities. I hope to one day create more artworks as an Illustrator in University that will make the audience feel emotion and a story behind every piece.

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