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During my two years of IB, I set my sights on being an architect in the future. When deciding upon ideas for my exhibition, I used it as an opportunity to broaden my understanding of architects and architecture in general, and I opted to experiment with a few of my own ideas to see if I could make them come to life. As I watched my theme of architecture come to life through my artwork, it encouraged me to want to experiment with different mediums, styles, and get out of my comfort zone, which aided in expanding my knowledge on various types of architectural styles and architects that would benefit me in the future.


When presenting my pieces of work, I hope to convey my progress in art and the evolution of my throughout process when coming up and designing different architectural structures.


Throughout the two years of IB I’ve tried to use multiple different styles and different mediums but not all of them were exhibition worthy since they didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, which left me to only convey the projects which I believed showed the largest amount of progress of my artistic ability. Within my exhibition there are multiple different themes, these consist of architecture, travel, entry ways, exploring and much more.


Throughout my two years of IB and more specifically IB art, I have developed both my character and my artistic ability in both architecture and art in a general manner. This was done through my experimentation with different materials, mediums and ideas. I constantly went out of my comfort zone in order to give my exhibition individuality and to reflect my ever-changing personality and taste in architecture. 


The majority of my artworks exhibited are 3D models of my ideas. I used foam board for a large number of my models, and experimented with a suitcase, 2 doors and clay for a few of my other pieces of work. Experimenting with different mediums allowed me to work around issues faced while in the process of designing the structure, which is beneficial for me in the future, with both my career and with everyday life.


When looking at my projects, I want the audience to imagine their own stories and meanings behind a few where as others, such as the inspiration and a painful journey already have specific meanings and stories behind their design. For the projects that are open for interpretation, I want the audience to create a connection between the work and their own lives and hopefully leave with a message that they will remember.   


My inspiration for the architectural intention and meaning behind these projects was driven by Frank Lloyd Wright who was and still is my biggest inspiration when it comes to architecture. For a large portion of his work, he aims to look at the meaning and the harmony that the structure portrays with its surroundings. An example of his would be the falling water which is my favourite piece of architecture that he designed since the meaning behind the structure is to display the harmony between nature, humans and architecture which encouraged me to look more into the meaning behind the structures rather than just looking at the way it looks.


Throughout setting up the exhibition I chose to put the ones that resembled a more childlike nature together at one end of the exhibition and designed the background of the board to fit the childish theme, whereas I put the rest of the art projects that related more to travel and exploring closer together and put them in a way where they flow like a journey.   

Curatorial Rationale

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