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One of the issues which I want to direct through this exhibition is human activity on earth, natural disasters and global warming. Through presenting this body of work I hope to improve both my skill set and my understanding of the various aspects of art. In addition, I hope to spread awareness and create grounds for contemplation of the environment through this exhibition. The impact which I hope to achieve on the audience is self-reflection on the actions of humanity, as the state of the environment is deteriorating. The message should come to each person through the analysis of the work exhibited. When exposing a person to something negative, which they know of, however do not act upon, they will start to reflect, rethink their actions and think of what someone can do to help. The concepts and understandings which I hope to convey are the different elements of art included and used throughout the exhibition as well as the issue of the rapidly changing climate. The vision behind many of the presented works is the issue of climate change, global warming, and human action in the environment. However, the vision behind some of the works is functionality, since the 3D structures represent buildings in which people would live. Another artwork that shows functionality is the guitar, which is fully functional, which shows that regardless of the medium, art could be created on anything.


The particular issues which inspired me to create these artworks consisted of global warming, natural disasters, wildfires, etc. 3D models were created alongside Ideas such as buildings found around us and their different specifications, which allow us to live and function there. There were multiple distinct factors, which were inspirational when creating these pieces, one of which was climate change and human actions towards the environment. This is a serious issue, which is actively deteriorating the state at which the climate is.


In order to create these artworks, I turned to research on different artists, who allowed me to learn about the different techniques I could use that would enhance the final product as wells as portray my artistic intention more accurately and effectively. In addition, the use of different materials allowed for a different flow of ideas as well as execution. This difference can be seen between the different 3D models, as the use of different mediums has an entirely different final piece. This mainly includes texture as well as tone, which could also be created using a brush or different tools. Nevertheless, mediums change the outcome of an artwork, which can also be seen between painting on canvas and on paper, since the spread and blending of the colours looks different, although the same technique was used.


Through this exhibition, I want people to explore the different areas of creativity and imagination, since some of my artworks include irrational aspects, such as a flying squid or a reflection in water presenting the past. In addition, I want the audience to understand that imagination is a personal limit of art interpretation. The visual impact which I hope to achieve through this exhibition is the appreciation of art as well as the attention to detail, as it can often be a defining factor of artworks. Therefore, this suggests that this exhibition will act as an educational experience that might teach people about the different mediums and forms of art. The relationship between the different artworks is created through different themes such as landscape, architecture, figures etc. The artworks are presented in a specific way, which allows them to connect. Through this exhibition I want the audience to self-reflect on different aspects. One of which is nature and its deteriorating state. However, I also want the audience to appreciate the different things made by humans. This would include architecture, music and overall art, as these can be found around us almost at all times, therefore a better understanding of these concepts might be beneficial to everyday life.

Curatorial Rationale

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