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In my exhibition, I want the ones who will see my artwork to have a sense of wonder when they will see them. As my exhibition can show a way that I see and imagine things. By sampling artworks or photos, I wanted to also exhibit a side of my mind and what the pieces of art I choose inspire me. When I create an artwork from scratch, I always try to leave a fragment of my imagination into it. To an extent it helps to entertain and disconnect myself from all the other thing I do at school. I would say that my most realistic piece of artwork is the one named Toxic Waste as there is a real link to the pollution problem in our world. I wanted to show how this problem can be ignored by people and this artwork is the one that differs the most between all my artworks. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to completely finish it due to lockdown and the fact that we couldn’t have access to the art room and the equipment. This artwork was also a very ambitious one. I had a lot of ideas for it but I couldn’t manage to make them all come true.

Another artwork that I have made from scratch is the one called Reminiscence. At the beginning I wanted it to be much bigger to show the loneliness of the man standing in the middle and how big (but at the same time empty) his environment really is. The reason why I didn’t make it bigger is because it would have been much harder to create this artwork otherwise. We can interpret the black leaking wires as being the bad experiences and memories floating on the man’s mind, like a background process. The black paint depicted can be interpreted as being a sort of loophole for his traumas, and past experiences. I don’t think that people who will see my artwork will directly understanding the artistic intentions behind it which is why it is a personal interpretation but I really like the fact that I had to find an interpretation of my own artwork. I asked myself why I only chose two colours? What it could mean? I made this artwork in a very spontaneous way though I think it is one of my favourite artworks. Just like my artwork called Parasite that is another artwork I have made during lockdown but for this one again, I didn’t really plan what I wanted to do, I just gathered material and started making it.

My favourite artworks are the ones where I sampled the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. I really like his paintings as a lot of them depict impressive landscapes and it really gives me the impression of being small compared to them. I think I can consider these artworks as being pixel art even if the process is different. I liked the process of making them, full of wonder and I really enjoyed creating them. It was also very satisfying to improve my Photoshop skills as I was creating my art. I truly wanted to make something that was good to look at. My favourite one is the one named David Facing Pixels. For this one I wanted to revisit one of Friedrich’s most famous painting called Wanderer above a sea of fog. Adding the pixelated Godzilla right in front of him can give a feeling of curiosity, I want people to figure out that it is the shape of Godzilla, but I still want them to have a doubt as it is not obvious that it is Godzilla. On my other artworks with this monster, I Photoshop-ed it to make it look like he was a monster in the sea swimming next to a boat. I think these are the most creative ones as I had to totally modify the original picture of Godzilla to make it fit on the painting.

I have made a lot of artworks like this, but I have only put the ones that I think are the best in my exhibition.

Curatorial Rationale

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