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At the beginning of the way to this final exhibition, I was hoping to, at least impress the audiences whatever they feel, because the Art I think is to express its artist’s message. I therefore started to create these works from initial ideas. Simply speaking, it is quite difficult to ensure the consistency across the several works as I came up different ideas on every artwork. I, however, was absolutely making sure of including a theme into the artworks. Once I reached the themes and messages, the first difficulty was the way I express it. At this point, I got big influence from the professional artists that I met in exhibition called “Frieze London”.  There were lots of findings but the biggest learning from them was the abstract way of expression, which I was struggling. I had no idea what the professional artists were showing in their works, but I did feel something, and this is what art is.


At least, if an audience find something no matter how clear the feeling is, that’s how art works. Through this learning, most of my works reflect the learning as these have abstract expression.

Curatorial Rationale

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