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In this exhibition I explored the relationship between human beings and art. Moreover, I wanted to see how I can express our society through art. Therefore, each artwork expresses a different type of human behaviours. I would like to explain how each artworks are connected to that theme and the reason it is presented in such a way. 


First, the Pawn of Capitalism. My idea is strongly reflecting my idea, therefore, I wanted viewer not just see it but actually take a look by their hands and think. As a result, I made this work as a photobook. By making this in such a form, I can add one more physical process to viewers, so that viewers will have two options. Either walk pass or actually take a look inside and think about my theme and message. 


Secondly, I believe that good artwork comes from the rejection towards existing things. As a consequence, my works contains rebellious messages towards society. However, it maybe difficult to understand. For example, the black and white series, The Lights, it seems like it is just a picture of random things. The message behind is how humans un-eco domination of the world. 


Because those pictures’ appearance are good, people just think it is a good/beautiful pictures. Therefore, I put very violent sculptures right next to the beautiful pictures of flowers. The meaning of this sculpture is to remind viewers about my theme. Because when people think one object is beautiful, that emotion covers other emotions. So that It was necessary to help viewers to understand my real theme by putting the powerful sculpture. 


Thirdly, I always expect someone to think before they ask. Conversely, due to an internet, any type of information can be easily found on internet. Whenever people are curious about something, they just search it. They are losing the process of thinking. So, I intentionally shortened the explanation of some of the works in their labels, and I aim to give viewers an opportunity to think about the message and the idea of the works. 


By presenting this body of work, I think that I finally finished my artwork. As a reason, I strongly believe that work becomes art when there is a viewer and he/she gained a knowledge or emotions toward its work. Especially for photography, it can be considered as it has less artistry than other artforms. However, by showing, and giving information/emotion and knowledge to viewers, it finally become art. Accordingly, by giving viewers my messages and ideas, I could make a true art.


With all the elements I have given, I tried to interact with viewers and appeal them my theme, message and ideas beautifully.

Curatorial Rationale

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