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By presenting my art I am hoping to achieve that people will now think that its ok to do something different or be different. I am hoping that my art will impact the audience to know that when it comes to body positivity every body type is ok and every body type is beautiful. What I hope I can take away from the research I’ve done for the artworks as well as the actual artworks is what I hope the audience can take away from the artworks as well. As I said before being able to take with you body positivity so keeping in mind that everybody is beautiful, as well as everyone is different and its ok to be different, and to just be yourself. My vision for presenting the artworks was that I definitely wanted to add a lot of colour in the visual presenting of the art since my artworks were based on adding a lot of colour and making it really colourful, other than that I didn’t exactly have a specific plan for how I wanted to present the art.


In my artworks, I used a lot of different colours, ideas and techniques. The different exploration of colours really helped in all my artworks since I realised that you can do so much with colour, and it doesn’t matter what the base of the artwork is you can use a lot of colour and it will look amazing that’s why for example when I chose to do the paintings of the body figures I decided instead of using skin colours I went for some different colours since just because is a body figure you can do whatever you want with it because it’s your artwork. As for the techniques in my two paintings that look quite similar its since I used the same technique, and you can use the same technique, but it can come out a lot different as long as you use it differently. The themes that I had for my art works were quite different and doesn’t exactly have anything to do with each other except for one which is colour. Colour was one that related to all of them since I used that as the main focus for each artwork. In the beginning of the diploma programme, I did a lot of research on different types of art and styles, as well as techniques and I loved artworks with colour, and that’s why I wanted to incorporate that into my artworks.


Since we have had a long struggle of how we would be exhibiting our work because of the COVID- 19 we haven’t really been able to fully plan our exhibition to the way we wanted. We then found out we could technically only have our exhibition as a presentation. The way I exhibited the artwork contributed to the meaning since in the first slide I decided to put what I would say unique and different, and what has a lot of expression, and on the second slide I put the simpler but also different. One thing I decided to add on the first slide is a frame to two of the artworks, I added the frame to the ones on the sides so that it gets some attention as well as the ones in the middle, I decided to leave the artworks without frames on the second slide since the artworks are so simple and I wanted to keep it that way. The way I put the artworks together on the separate slides was because as I wrote earlier the artworks on the first slide were the busy, different and unique artworks, and the second slide is the more simple artworks. What I hope that the audience understand, think, see learn is again what I have explained earlier that all bodies are beautiful, and whatever you make even as unique or different everyone is, so it doesn’t matter what people think as long as you love it.

Curatorial Rationale

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