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The pieces chosen for the exhibition present visual connections; this does not only give coherence to the body of work but also enhances its visual appeal. Some examples of these connections can be found in the lines used in '28 years of Prison' and 'Through Your Eyes'. The audience should be able to recognise the connections, but even if the artworks do not suggest any of these, the labels will be there to help explain the meaning of the work while evidently showing connections, such as the presence of nature in the different artworks. My personal vision towards the exhibition is positive, as I believe that exploring the body of work can be an enjoyable experience for all types of people, as many of the artworks can be interpreted in different ways, able to exude various different emotions.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, many of the artworks are nature-related, as they include foliage, plants and animals. These elements vary throughout the artworks where they are presented using different tones, colours and textures. In 'Wood Walk Wood Talk' I used soft waxes, while in other paintings such as '28 years of Prison' and 'Ellie Li Li' I used acrylic paint. Even within the two paintings mentioned, different colours are used on the plants, which helps portray different emotions or give a contrasting visual appeal on each artwork. One of the end goals of exhibiting these artworks is to show the relevance and importance of nature and overall exploring its beauty. Throughout my two years of IB I experienced many emotional ups and downs, which have influenced my creativity and therefore my art. Looking back at these emotionally charged moments really helps to put into perspective my creative evolution, and as observed in the exhibition, one of the most valuable things I have learnt is to appreciate nature. Overall, I try to have a more positive outlook on life more often and I feel like that is reflected in the body of work. Even Relaxed shows indices of being related to nature, as the purpose of life drawing is to portray a person at a specific moment and the position of the body at that moment. The very name of the artwork 'Relaxed' and being the last artwork in the gallery also indicates how after all the IB and these 2 years in general I’m more relaxed with myself, closer to a state of “inner-peace”.

Referring again to the coherence of the body of work, its structure is also planned to enhance the audience’s visual experience. There are no major purposes of design on the exhibition, but I believe that the arrangement and order of the artworks makes the colour transition from artwork to artwork more natural. I hope that my exhibition can be a learning experience for whoever is interested in it. Regardless of the technique and skill behind the work, or whether the person’s view of it is good or bad, I would like people to take something positive from the exhibition, maybe something more towards optimistic nihilism. Of course, there are things that we need to worry about in life, and these sometimes take priority over other things. But there are other things that we tend to worry about too much, when in reality we are giving them more importance than they truly carry. This being said, I also hope that this can inspire someone to let go off some of these things or thoughts that are not worth worrying about.

Curatorial Rationale

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