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In this body of work, I aim to explore the profound meaning of Home and its lasting impact on an individual's life. Through my exhibition, I aim to convey two central themes that have shaped my identity: the importance of my own Home and the powerful emotions that it evokes.

This exhibition allows me to share my journey and experiences with the audience. Each piece has a unique meaning and story for the audience to understand. After viewing all of the work, the audience should be able to grasp the underlying themes and messages throughout multiple pieces. By showcasing a range of artwork, I intend to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience allowing the audience to reflect on their own Home as Home is a profoundly personal and emotional concept universally relatable.

Throughout the exhibition, I aim to show ambiguous pieces for the audience to relate to while informing them of my own Home's imprint on my personal development. I want to create a space where the audience can connect with the artwork personally and leave with a deeper understanding of the significance of Home in their lives.

The vision of my work centers around the concept of New Jersey. I lived there for 16 years before moving to London, and all the experiences that have shaped me as an individual occurred there. Therefore, I aim to convey to the audience the significance of New Jersey. Furthermore, I want to illustrate the personal growth I experienced in learning to love London while maintaining my appreciation for New Jersey, with its imperfections.

In each piece of this work, I aimed to explore individual ideas that contribute to the overall narrative. For instance, in "Highways and Parkways 1" and "Perspective," I used defined line work to present the ideas in each piece. In "Summer on Film" and "This is New Jersey," I used photography to represent how I view New Jersey literally and figuratively. To create this body of work, I had to fundamentally change from the one who arrived in London two years ago. My work has been influenced by every day I have spent at ISL and my interactions with my classmates and teachers. Throughout it, all, my body of work presents a vulnerable picture of my emotions.

My goal in arranging and displaying my artwork is to create a visual impact that supports the relationship and connection between the presented pieces. I've used defined line work and photography to represent the ideas behind each piece and aim to convey the significance of New Jersey in my life. The use of waves in exhibiting New Jersey-focused work expresses the importance of the ocean and sea to me and allows the audience to focus solely on the pieces in front of them as if they had been transported to New Jersey.

I paid great attention to my exhibition's relationship between the artwork and the viewer. I intentionally allowed space for my work to breathe while also ensuring that they all felt connected. Additionally, I left most boards on which my artwork is presented in natural brown wooden color to visually convey the vulnerability of the work being shown.

For the Highways and Parkways collection, I placed them lower to the ground so that the audience can engage with them in a vulnerable position, just like the work questions the idea of what defines a person. I also presented all my New Jersey work on connecting boards to show the work's connection.

Through this exhibition, I intended for the audience to develop a personal connection to the artwork and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of Home in their lives. My goal was to convey the importance of New Jersey in my own life and the personal growth I experienced. I hope the audience grasps the central themes and messages I aimed to convey through multiple pieces and reflects on their experiences with Home.

Curatorial Rationale

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