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Through the various works shown in my exhibition, I want to achieve a positive reaction in viewers by introducing them to new artistic ideas. I also desire to inspire my audience through my art and give them new ideas to potentially implement in their journey as artists. I feel that my art can achieve a positive reaction in viewers, and as previously mentioned, inspire them. I hope to convey that my art is a visual representation of my character, however, art is subjective, and it is up to the viewer to interpret my work. The vision behind my body of work is to show how the culture around me has shaped me as a person through my art, and then visualize this through my work by adding references to key things that have sculpted my identity.


Throughout my work, I have focused mainly on creating clothing (particularly textile), as well as photography, however, I have also experimented with other mediums. One recurring motif within my work, and specifically my photography, is the feeling of nostalgia. My art generally shows a repetitive theme of skateboarding and the culture surrounding it, as this had spiked my interest art to begin with. Another focal point of my art lies in fashion, and designers such as Maison Margiela, Demna Gvasalia, and Cynthia Lu had inspired me to begin making clothes through my own artistic lens, which is especially evident in Capsule. I have also been influenced by my family, as well as my background, as I have been exposed to modern art from a young age. A further theme that is evident in most of my work is the experimentation with different textures, which I also implemented in my display. The use of different textures is especially evident in my textile work, as it includes different textured fabrics and other textiles implement in single pieces, such as Sorry Mum, I’m a vandal.


Since my art features a general theme of skateboarding, Graffiti, as well as fashion, I decided to implement this into my display, in order to achieve a generally recurring theme within my entire exhibition. This was done to further enhance the effect of visualizing how the culture around me has affected me, and then convey this effect to my audience. I utilized oversaturated colors, as well as shades of green and blue to create a visual impact on an audience. Another method I have used to develop a relationship between the artwork and the viewer is by implementing common phenomena within my work, such as the feeling of loneliness in a big city. I want my audience to feel nostalgia through my work, yet I wish them to see something new upon looking at my art. I also want my audience to reconsider the way they look at graffiti after viewing my art exhibition, as street art and graffiti generally tend to have negative connotations to them, leading to people generally neglecting the skill and creativity required behind each piece of graffiti.

Curatorial Rationale

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