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As it shows in the wall that one work is about the World Peace and the other wall is about the Technologies. The relationship between both of my artworks is that both mention the timing how the life used to be before, and how will the life be in the future. I have mentioned the World Peace since most people wishes and dreams to live in a life where they can find peace and share their culture with others. I have mentioned the technologies since we are living in, and since the pandemic people has started to sit more on their devices rather than go outside. Most people at school and at work are having online classes, meetings, and courses. 


I always like to do things using my hands, and I really do like to do things with the wires, also at the same time, realised that it is rare to see artists using the wires, so I have made my artwork using the wires. I have also used the clay since it is challenging and has great texture, and because I like to do things with my hands. One of my artworks, I used the wax since it is more stable and will stick more than the clay. I have learned and discovered new skills using the wires, clays, wires, and paintings that I have never had the idea of how to use them. 


Most of my artworks are made from wires and clays. I have built the shelf, so I can be able to set those art works on the shelf. I have divided three walls, so each of the walls will talk about something. The first wall talks about the War and the World Peace. The second wall talks about the future and the technologies. In the third wall, I have painted the wall with the four main colours which are the blue, red, green, and yellow since it is all about art, and I painted some trees below as it is the life, since the title is about Art Life. The paintings on the top are set in both walls the old days during the war and the future, since it is the life and the time. It does also explain the peace life at the same time, also, if the life before was not really in peace, will the future bring the peace life? 

Curatorial Rationale

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