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One of the main themes of my artwork is self-love. Through these artworks you can see how different artworks from my work are about love. Some personal artworks are shown throughout my exhibition space, which is important to me. I want to inspire young artists to work on different mediums and make artworks about different topics. These were displayed because I wanted to include many different ideas from a variety of mediums. My personal artwork topics that are in my exhibition are about self-love and self-acceptance, sexuality and identity, school, social media, my personal life, dreams, ambition, life as an artist, perspective, and beauty. The exhibition is a perfect example of showing these different ideas and showing how they relate to the main theme. I hope to convey the message that artwork is not only about technique, but the colors used in them. I used different painting techniques such as impasto, drips/splatters, dry brush strokes, which I enjoyed experimenting with.


All my artworks for this exhibition relate to love in one way or another and, coming from a loving background, I wanted others to feel the emotion of love through these artworks. In works such as “A Purple Dream” and “My Purple Dream,” I used purple for these artworks because from my perspective emotion is equivalent to expressing love. I used photography to share my personal life and share my interests or things that I love and care about deeply, “My Universe” It relates to a song that is important to me and millions of people around the world, which is where I got the inspiration to make it. My Universe is an artwork that represents the universe through color and shape. I wanted to give the artwork a different shape to represent different universes. The color of the glazes was used according to the universe it represents.


For “The New Modern” is about self-acceptance. We should learn to accept our beauty and avoid using too many filters or make-up. The Mirror represents insecurities, and the clothing is about covering up the insecurities some women have about themselves. I wanted to make other people more aware about the topics that are barely talked about. “The New Modern” is about perspective by using the mirror which, through reflecting our bodies, can represent insecurities. Throughout the exhibition, I want to show artworks that can make the audience feel different emotions, while letting them know about the importance of the topics I explore through my work. For example, “Blue Reality” is a special artwork as it represents the colors of the waves in the ocean. I wanted to see how I can explore techniques in two diverse ways. This experience allowed me to work on themes that were long forgotten and evoke these emotions in me: happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, anger, tension, and love. I want to convey to the audience the different topics that surround the theme of love: belonging, friendship, self-love, admiration, ambition, love for the universe, love for beauty and, in contrast, fake love. I wanted to show growth of my artistic skills through the mediums I have used, and the creativity I used to make it into a final artwork.


The subjects that I explore in “My Purple Dream” and “A Purple Dream” are something many people can relate to. Being able to incorporate that dream by connecting the audience to the color purple is special because it creates a powerful impact with the viewer, who may feel that they can relate to this artwork, perhaps because they have a dream, goal or they are a fan of the band, but it's also related to the colors that were used in it. I think the way I have presented my artworks supports the relationship with the audience because they can see the colors, the technique, and guess the meaning behind the artwork. I hope that my audience can learn that art has many different mediums and being able to convey topics through different mediums is important because they can learn new skills, like I learned from my own art-making process; they can make artworks that are important and meaningful to them.

Curatorial Rationale

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