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My exhibition aims to present work that comments on the theme of identity. All my works present different themes of identity, whether it’s about my own, someone else, or global identity. Through my exhibition I hope to provide the audience with an opening to reflect over what identity is and what it means to them. Additionally, I hope it will give the audience an insight to me as a person even if they don’t personally know me. After working on and setting up this exhibition I have learned that identity is not necessarily a concept or something one has to understand, but whether what a person feels. Therefore, I hope this exhibition will evoke emotional responses from the audience. With my artwork “Pollution Parasol” I hope to raise awareness on plastic pollution in the ocean. This artwork differs from my other artworks, as this work focuses on a global theme, rather than more personal and individualistic themes.

In this exhibition several mediums such as painting and clay work, have been utilised to communicate the message. By using different mediums, I hope that the audience will get an understanding that identity can be presented and exist in different ways but still have the same meaning. I have also used several different techniques in order to convey my message. In a larger context this communicates that all identities can be worth the same no matter how they are. When starting my IB Art course, a lot of my artworks reflected on the theme of identity, as I simultaneously was reflecting over my own identity after moving to a different country at 16. It is for this reason that my exhibition revolves around identity, as I feel like my own identity has developed during my time being here. After setting up the exhibition I have also seen my artistic progress during the two years. When starting I explored a lot with drawing and colour use. This can be seen in my earliest artworks such as “Camilla” and “Up & Away”, where the colour experimentation is vast. Eventually I also started experimenting with clay and plaster as mediums and how to utilise these mediums to convey different messages. This can be seen through my artworks “Introspection” and “Pollution Parasol”. During my artistic journey I have realised that I highly enjoy working with different methods of painting. Personally, I find it most fun exploring the use of colour when painting as there are no limits.


When displaying my artworks, I have created three different sections that makes the viewing seem like a journey. I have also varied the ways of displaying to highlight the theme of identity, and how identities vary. When setting it up I had no specific strategy but went with what felt most fitting to each artwork. For instance, when displaying “Pollution Parasol” I tried several ways until I eventually found what worked best with conveying its message. For “Up & Away” the placement being on a slanted ceiling, was specifically picked to highlight its purpose. This artwork depicts several swirly colourful figures that represent dreams and imagination. By placing it on the slanted ceiling the audience has to look up to view it, which highlights the feeling of being away from everything else. Many of my artworks have also been placed together or next to each other to complement each other. For instance, “Camilla” and “Tres ojos” are placed side by side on a cardboard wall to bring out their purposes as both works are filled with colour. Placing them on cardboard instead of a normal panel was done to contrast to the colourful artworks, which again highlights their significance.


In conclusion, I want this exhibition to communicate the ideas of identity, as well as pollution. With my artworks and their placements, I hope to evoke feelings within the audience that maybe makes them reflect on identity and what it means to them.

Curatorial Rationale

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