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My main artistic intentions through my two-year course was to express and symbolize specific meanings that make a connection to my personal life, mainly throughout the use of abstract art. My aspirations in Visual Arts are to continue to expand on the variety of subjects that are available as a painter of abstract art. I would like to further expand on the definition of what an abstract artist is and what different techniques and skills I can learn, which I haven’t been exposed to yet. I also want to pursue making art in my free time but using different mediums, since my main use of medium throughout the two-year art course has been acrylic paint and pencil drawing.

The main themes of my work have been abstract art in the foreground created on a black background. Another theme in my artworks have been bright colours symbolizing specific emotions. My art making process included a lot of inspiration grabbing from other artists such as Franz Marc, who creates abstract, expressionist, colourful oil paintings with great meaning behind them. Looking at these artworks and analysing the great detail and use of colour and contrast allowed me to understand and realise that abstract art is something I want to re-create in my own manner using my own imagination and artistic techniques. In order to make final decisions in my artworks, I go through a process where I draw ideas and anything that is on my mind till I reach a conclusion of what I want to create. I then observe my artwork, reflect and come back to make any changes or fix any mistakes in order to reach the goals and standards I want. My favourite medium to use, and the medium I believe I work the best with is acrylic paint and pencils. I find holding and using a paint brush the most comfortable, allowing me to use different paint brush techniques and strokes. However, I like to challenge myself and attempt to use other mediums such as clay. I’ve noticed clay for me personally was difficult to use due to not being used to using the techniques needed for sculpturing as techniques vary from different mediums.

The way I have exhibited my work contrasts with the actual artworks due to the use of colour in the backgrounds on the panel. Each panel has a theme, blue and black. The brighter paintings displayed on the blue panel and the darker paintings displayed on the black panel. The strategies I used to display the relationship between my artworks and the viewers were through the use of line and colour in order to convey specific messages. I also used simple written statements for the artworks I thought did not convey its specific message clearly enough. From the work I have selected for my exhibition, I hope that my viewers understand the message and meaning being conveyed, as well as the emotions and the personal connection I am trying to express.

Curatorial Rationale

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