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My exhibition mainly focuses on recreating my world, inside of me, and the aspect of art which I am interested in. All the artworks are closely related to myself, mostly depicting the internal and external life of me.

The side which relates to the internal feelings consists of Doodle, Untitled and "Ah, that’s a great puzzle!". They all relate to my interest which I enjoy doing and sometimes help me escape from reality. Doodle and Untitled are ways for me to turn my eyes away from all the worry of the future and the fact they are in a cartoon style shows this. By drawing 2D illustrations, it helps me to forget the sense of reality and dive into my own world. The clay sculpture looks at this from a different angle. “Ah, that’s a great puzzle!” is a piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland and it is a recreation of my world. I chose to create a scene from this story because I have always enjoyed the story from a young age and the fact Alice is lost in a strange world was, to an extent, relatable to me. The size of the sculpture emphasises how small my own world could be compared to the space it is exhibited in, showing how much I am not paying attention to the outside. Covering this world with a transparent dome shows that I have access to reality but decide not to explore it with my own will. This is the scene of the tea party, held by the Mad Hatter, and everyone except Alice enjoys the party. The fact she is confused and overwhelmed by the surroundings could, in a way, show how students and children are during their turning point of life; and I thought this applies to myself too, as I am applying to university this year.

Many of my pieces on the open side are related to the “real-life”: looking into my future and a social issue. Exam, For the future, and Untitled and all the accessory pieces show a relationship with what I would like to do in the future and try to look not only at the nice, happy side but also what we will have to face as we grow older. It looks at the reality and show hope and stress towards stepping forward in life. For example, with the drawings of designs of accessories and the earing pieces, they portray hope within me, as they show skills being developed for my future. However, with Untitled and Exam, they aim to illustrate the stress of exams and looking at the future. I tried to show this through the display of the exam table. The table is placed right next to the board, making the person sitting on the chair face the board. This composition is meant to show how the exams is one of the enormous walls students face in their long life. In the case of this artwork, it represents a student who aims to go to an art university. They may face a wall where they lose confidence in their works and get into a slump. This can be crucial for them as it could restrict their ability to make great creations. This relates to the concept of the birdcage as well. The birdcage, as written on the label, is a representation of society and it shows how oppression can limit one’s ability to do something. They both aim to show what being a part of society means. It is not always enjoyable like the world inside our heads.

The L shape of the three boards emphasizes this as the internal world is displayed in the closed space, where the boards are folded in, and the future and reality on the open side. The closed area acts as a shell splitting my inner world to the reality, equivalent to the purpose of the dome of "Ah, that’s a great puzzle!" Though unlike the cake dome, the other side is completely hidden behind, also highlighting the split between the reality and my own world

Curatorial Rationale

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