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My intention with this artwork is to create a picture of how memories are being stored. Stored through images. The artworks I have created is through the images stored in my phone and memory. I think it is important to understand what I have created through some of my best memories I have. I am inviting the audience inside and showing them how I communicate my memories and images. The principles I want to communicate to my audience is that it is important to hold on to the good and bad memories. These are my good memories, I have memories that terrifies me, but I have made a decision to hold on to those, because they are also a part of my development as an independent human. This is what I want my audience to remember when they are seeing my artworks, to appreciate their own memories. Encourage to store their memories so it is possible to always look back at something you shared with important people around you.  


When I developed my artworks, I had to explore many different methods and materials in order to find how I wanted my artworks to be. My intention was to express the meaning of my artworks through the materials and methods. There have been issues with the methods as I had to explore a big number of materials before I found the right way to make and develop the artworks. Once I found the right method, I really liked making my artworks as I found a way to develop and make them better. There is not only one theme in my number of artworks. I have chosen to only make prints of people I have close but also of myself. I like the idea of almost all of my prints being black and white because even though there are no colours appearing, they still have depth and purpose. I am using the black lines to create a meaning through my memories.


I am exhibiting my artworks in one straight line, because as the prints are very similar and consists of lines, I thought it was important to operate that into the layout of the presentation of my artworks. By doing this I am continuing my line work with my artworks being on the same exact level on the page.  

Curatorial Rationale

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