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The main focus of my exhibition is to explore how our minds seems to work and the nuances behind our thoughts and feelings.


By exhibiting this work, I aim to achieve a better understanding of how I think emotions work and why we regularly associate them to objects and concepts. A secondary aim is to view people’s thoughts on these works and whether they are different or not so that if they are I can explore why that is the case.


This exhibition is left up to the eye of the beholder as the meaning I intend is not always the meaning received which is what makes my topic special to me as it is very subjective which means that the message I imply which is to explore the concept of emotion might show a complete different feeling or emotion for another person.


Throughout this exhibition, I commonly use objects that convey something to elaborate on my intended message that emotions and feelings are complex and even if my topic is very subjective it is still throughout the common tropes of these objects or colours is where my main meaning lies. The objective I set was to have all of my work to cover some type of emotion or feeling. Whether it seemed like a stretch or not was up to the person viewing the work. All of the works presented had some type of emotional value and that meant that my main goal has been met.


My main inspiration for this line of work came during the original March 2020 lockdown where there had been multiple news reports that people were burnt out mentally from staying at home and that had me look at myself and my own emotions. Through this self reflecting, I decided that I wanted to cover things that might be relevant to my own emotional state. That is how the ideas for each of my works came to be as I had a clear emotion/feeling to look at for my work.

Apart from the use of objects, colour theory is prevalent in my work and that makes it easier to display the meaning of the artworks.


I want people to view this exhibition and consider their own emotions and whether they would represent them in a similar fashion to how I depict them to be. I also want to achieve a better alignment with myself and how I feel and I believe that this exhibition will help do that. Apart from that I want to explore just how deep the connotations behind certain emotions are and display them to the world. The concept of perception is what my exhibition mainly explores and the variety of these perceptions help me achieve a better image of why we view emotion in a certain manner.

Curatorial Rationale

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